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The 10 Best Cameos of All Time

by Jason Koenigsberg Cameos have become so commonplace in our movies and entertainment today it is not much of a surprise when we see a famous person make a small, uncredited appearance in a major motion picture or TV show. In fact recently the cameo craze has gotten so out of control we almost expect to see a lot of […]

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The 10 Best Screenplays of All Time

The most influential scripts ever put on film in my humble opinion. These are films where everything worked out perfectly in the right place with great acting, directing, editing and everything else. Yet all of these films have some of the most influential dialogue and narrative structures ever put on celluloid. It was hard to narrow down the best scripts […]

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Top 10 Best Movie Endings

This is encapsulates my personal favorite movie endings, they are ranked by the ending not by the film. Each of these endings are ones that left a huge impact on me and my impression of the film. 10. Unforgiven Probably the best ending in any western and that is saying a lot considering High Noon and Shane. For almost two hours we hear […]