Best Picture:

         Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon                                           

         Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai     

         High Fidelity*                                                            

         Nurse Betty                                                



Best Director:

         Cameron Crowe  Almost Famous

         Stephen Frears  High Fidelity*

         Jim Jarmusch  Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai

         Philip Kaufman  Quills

         Ang Lee  Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

Best Actor:

         John Cusack  High Fidelity*

         Michael Douglas  Wonder Boys

         Ed Harris  Pollock

         Geoffrey Rush  Quills

         Forest Whitaker  Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai

Best Actress:

         Joan Allen  The Contender*

         Juliette Binoche  Chocolat

         Cate Blanchett  The Gift

         Julia Roberts  Erin Brockovich

         Rene Zellweger  Nurse Betty

Best Supporting Actor:

         Jack Black  High Fidelity*

         Jeff Bridges  The Contender

         Willem Dafoe  Shadow of the Vampire

         Benicio Del Toro  Traffic

         Joaquin Phoenix  Quills

Best Supporting Actress

         Marcia Gay Harden  Pollock

         Kate Hudson  Almost Famous

         Frances MacDormand  Almost Famous*

         Kate Winslet  Quills

         Catherine Zeta-Jones  Traffic

Best Screenplay (Drama):

         The Contender

         Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

         Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai



Best Screenplay (Comedy)

         Almost Famous

         High Fidelity*

         Nurse Betty

         Small Time Crooks

         Wonder Boys

Best Sound/Visual/Computer Effects:

         Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon*


         Mission Impossible: 2

         Titan A.E.


Legends Award Tribute to Spike Lee*

Best On-Screen Duo

         Sean Connery/Rob Brown  Finding Forrester

         Robert DeNiro/Cuba Gooding Jr. Men of Honor

         Morgan Freeman/Chris Rock  Nurse Betty

         Tommy Lee Jones/Samuel L. Jackson  The Rules of Engagement

         Don Cheadle/Luis Guzman  Traffic*

Best Song

         “I Disappear” from MI:2 by Metallica

         Theme from MI:2 (Take a look around) by Limp Bizkit

            “I am man of constant sorrow” from O Brother Where Art Thou by the Soggy Bottom Bros.

         Theme from Shaft by Isaac Hayes*

         “Over my Head” from Titan A.E. by Lit

Special Achievement Award to Kevin Smith*

Best Villain

         Michael Caine Quills

         Harrison Ford  What Lies Beneath

         Samuel L. Jackson  Unbreakable

         Gary Oldman  The Contender*

         Joaquin Phoenix  Gladiator

Best Soundtrack

         Almost Famous*

         Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai

         High Fidelity

         Mission Impossible: 2


Best Editing

         Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

         High Fidelity




Best Cinematography

         Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon*

         The Gift




Best Set/Scenery/Costume Design

         Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon*


         O Brother Where Art Thou



Best Action Sequence

         Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon*


         Mission Impossible: 2



Best Scene in a Movie

            Almost Famous-Airplane confessions in turbulence

         Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon-Fight in the trees

         Dr. T. and the Women-Farrah Fawcett in the mall

         High Fidelity- John Cusack fights Tim Robbins*

         Me, Myself and Irene- Charlie becomes Hank for the first time

Best Movie Poster


         High Fidelity*

         Nurse Betty



Best Theatrical Trailer

         Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon*

         Dr. T and the Women

         The Family Man


         Mission: Impossible 2

Just for the hell of it:

Worst Movie of the Year:

         Battlefield Earth

Worst Director:

         Roman Polanski-The Ninth Gate

Worst Actor:

         Jim Carrey-How The Grinch Stole Christmas

Worst Actress:

         Meg Ryan-Proof of Life

Worst Teen Movie:

         Whatever it Takes

Worst Sci-fi:

         Mission to Mars

Worst Comedy:

         The Crew

Worst Excuse for an Epic:

         The Patriot

Worst Special Effects:

         The Perfect Storm

Worst Plot:


Worst Action Movie:


Worst screenplay:

         Get Carter

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