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Category: Best of the year lists

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Best Movie Themes of All Time:

Best Movie Themes: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly Star Wars James Bond Indiana Jones Superman Rocky Back to the Future The Fugitive North by Northwest Terminator 2 Conan The Barbarian/Total Recall Lord of the Rings Star Trek Beverly Hills Cop Predator Batman (1989) The Dark Knight Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves Highlander Jurassic Park

Best of the year lists 0

Best Films of 2000-2010

Best Movies of 2000 to 2010: Mulholland Drive Memento City of God High Fidelity The Departed Pan’s Labyrinth The Royal Tenenbaums The Dark Knight Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind Requiem for a Dream The Next 10: Garden State Sideways Black Hawk Down Million Dollar Baby Gangs of New York Minority Report Finding Nemo Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship […]