Movie Review: The Bob’s Burgers Movie

by Jason Koenigsberg

The cult animated series Bob’s Burgers makes its way to the big screen this Memorial Day weekend with the not so cleverly titled The Bob’s Burgers Movie. Ironic considering it is one of the more clever sitcoms of the past decade and is known for its inventive ‘burger of the day puns’. But the luckily the title is the only bland ingredient of this delicious entree for escapism. For the die hard fans of the show, The Bob’s Burgers Movie delivers more of the same and what one would expect from a longer story and feature length adventure with the Belcher family. For the novices this movie may be a welcome entry point for them to go and discover the series.

The film opens up with the 20th Century Studios logo and then the triumphant brass fanfare turns into Gene Belcher’s silly keyboard notes of the studios theme complete with his signature fart sound at the end. The first scenes show a crime being committed offscreen at the wharf where the Belcher family works and lives then jumps to six years later and we see the beloved main characters at their restaurant. The plot is a murder mystery combined with the fact that the family needs to pay the bank thousands of dollars in seven days or they will lose their establishment. The plot details are mainly just there to give these lovable characters something to do for the duration of the feature as they come across just as endearing on the big screen as they do the smaller ones at home. They have enough charm to carry any story and never wear out there welcome in the films 102 minute run time. Another aspect that favors The Bob’s Burgers Movie is the fact that is does not rely on guest stars, celebrity cameos, or push new characters onto the audience and force them to be interested when they really paid to see the ones that they already know and love. The only new character of any importance is Grover Fischoeder voiced by David Wain, a cousin of the Belcher’s landlord Mr. Calvin Fishoeder and his little brother Felix, voiced by Kevin Kline and Zach Galifianakis respectively, who both have significant roles in the film as well.

In the end The Bob’s Burgers Movie is exactly what fans will want from a movie with that title. There are no tricks up their sleeves or fancy new technologies to show off. The filmmakers wisely decided not to reinvent the wheel and went with what they know works. The Bob’s Burgers Movie is just a straightforward fun time with an animated family that audiences know and love. Familiarity is your friend in this instance. The movie sells itself and is not trying to be anything more than just a longer episode of the show with some catchy songs that have become a staple of the series. I doubt anyone will walk out disappointed except perhaps some unfortunate people who were forced to go by their friend or significant other who loves the show and they have never watched it before.

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