Best Picture:
         A Civil Action
         Life is Beautiful
         Saving Private Ryan*
         The Truman Show
Best Director:
         Warren Beatty  Bulworth
         Roberto Benigni  Life is Beautiful
         Spike Lee  He Got Game
         Steven Spielberg  Saving Private Ryan*
         Peter Weir  The Truman Show 
Best Actor:
         Warren Beatty  Bulworth*
         Jim Carrey  The Truman Show
         Tom Hanks  Saving Private Ryan
         Samuel L. Jackson  The Negotiator
         Liam Neeson  Les Miserables
Best Actress:
         Halle Berry  Bulworth*
         Cameron Diaz  There’s Something About Mary
         Julia Roberts  Step mom
         Susan Sarandon  Step mom
        Emma Thompson  Primary Colors
Best Supporting Actor:
         Ed Harris  The Truman Show
         Bill Murray  Wild Things
         Nick Nolte  The Thin Red Line*
         Geoffrey Rush  Les Miserables
         Billy Bob Thornton  A Simple Plan
Best Supporting Actress:
         Kathy Bates  Primary Colors
         Bridget Fonda  A Simple Plan*
         Laura Linney  The Truman Show
         Julianne Moore  The Big Lebowski
         Gwyneth Paltrow  A Perfect Murder
Best Screenplay:
         Apt Pupil
         A Civil Action
         Life is Beautiful
         The Negotiator
         The Truman Show*
Best Sound/Visual/Action/Computer Effects:
         Enemy of the State
         Lethal Weapon 4
         Saving Private Ryan*
Legends Award Tribute to Martin Scorsese*
Best On-Screen Duo
         Brad Renfro/Sir Ian MacKellan  Apt Pupil
         Samuel L. Jackson/Kevin Spacey  The Negotiator
         Jackie Chan/Chris Tucker  Rush Hour
         Susan Sarandon/Julia Roberts  Step mom
         Neve Campbell/Denise Richards  Wild Things*
Best Song
         “I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing” Armageddon- Aerosmith
         “Ghetto Superstar” Bulworth- Pras featuring ODB and Mya
         “No Shelter” Godzilla- Rage Against the Machine*
         “He Got Game” He Got Game- Public Enemy
         “What Is Love” A Night At The Roxbury- Haddaway
Best Villain
         Michael Douglas  A Perfect Murder*
         Ed Harris  The Truman Show        
         Jet Li  Lethal Weapon 4
         Geoffrey Rush  Les Miserables
         Bruce Willis  The Siege
Best Soundtrack
         He Got Game
         Saving Private Ryan

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