Best Picture:

         Con Air


         Good Will Hunting*

         In & Out

         L.A. Confidential


Best Director:

         Woody Allen-Deconstructing Harry

         Curtis Hanson-L.A. Confidential

         Gus Van Sant-Good Will Hunting*

         Paul Verhoeven-Starship Troopers

         John Woo-Face/Off

Best Actor:

         Nicolas Cage-Con Air

         Matt Damon-Good Will Hunting*

         Djimon Hounsou-Amistad

         Kevin Kline-In & Out

         John Travolta-Face/Off

Best Actress:

         Jodie Foster-Contact*

         Demi Moore-G.I. Jane

         Julia Roberts-My Best Friends Wedding

         Sigourney Weaver-Alien Resurrection

         Kate Winslet-Titanic

Best Supporting Actor:

         Don Cheadle-Boogie Nights

         Russell Crowe-L.A. Confidential

         Greg Kinnear-As Good As It Gets

         Robin Williams-Good Will Hunting*

         Billy Zane-Titanic

Best Supporting Actress:

         Kim Basinger-L.A. Confidential

         Joan Cusack-In & Out

         Minnie Driver-Good Will Hunting*

         Milla Jovovich-The Fifth Element

         Julianne Moore-Boogie Nights

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