Best Picture:


         Independence Day

         The People vs. Larry Flynt

         The Rock*

         Star Trek: First Contact


Best Director:

         Michael Bay-The Rock*

         Joel Coen-Fargo

         Cameron Crowe-Jerry Maguire

         Milos Forman-The People vs. Larry Flynt

         Barry Levinson-Sleepers

Best Actor:

         Sean Connery-The Rock

         Tom Cruise-Jerry Maguire

         Woody Harrelson-The People vs. Larry Flynt*

         Eddie Murphy-The Nutty Professor

         Denzel Washington-Courage Under Fire

Best Actress:

         Geena Davis-The Long Kiss Goodnight

         Whoopi Goldberg-Eddie

         Courtney Love-The People vs. Larry Flynt

         Frances MacDormand-Fargo*

         Demi Moore-Striptease

Best Supporting Actor:

         Steve Buscemi-Fargo

         Ed Harris-The Rock

         Samuel L. Jackson-A Time to Kill*

         Edward Norton-Primal Fear

         Bill Pullman-Independence Day

Best Supporting Actress:

         Vivica A. Fox-Independence Day

         Laura Linney-Primal Fear*

         Rene Russo-Tin Cup

         Meg Ryan-Courage Under Fire

         Alfre Woodard-Star Trek: First Contact

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