Season of the Witch (1973)


season of the witch dvd

R  |  130 min
Director: George A. Romero
Writer: George A. Romero
by Jason Koenigsberg

Not to be confused with Halloween III: Season of the Witch (1982) or the Nicolas Cage turkey Season of the Witch (2011), George A. Romero’s third directorial effort Season of the Witch, also known as Hungry Wives is one of the more bizarre and offbeat horror movies you are likely to see. It is unconventional in its filmmaking style and the way the narrative unspools for the audience. The first twenty minutes seem like a series of crazy hallucinatory images but then by the end it all comes together with deep symbolism about women and their roles in society being tied down and subservient to men. Like this years The Green Inferno, George A. Romero’s Season of the Witch is loaded with even more feminist ideas and metaphors, this may be the most blatant feminist horror film ever made. It is also an interesting story about a woman breaking away from society and turning to witchcraft to rebel against the norms and restrictions put on her. A unique film that deserves to be checked out if you have the time. 

Season of the Witch is currently available to stream on Amazon Prime. Watch the scene below which shows our main character crossing the bridge into Pittsburgh where she is going to embark on her journey to being a witch, plus it is edited to the classic Donovan song of the same name (ignore the Spanish dubbing at the end, it’s in the original English on Amazon Prime I assure you). 

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