Muhammad Ali’s Greatest Fight

1h 37min

Director: Stephen Frears

Stars: Christopher Plummer, Frank Langella, Ed Begley Jr.

by Jason Koenigsberg

The late great Muhammad Ali was more than just the greatest boxer of all time. He was a cultural icon, anti-war activist, civil rights leader, poet, a global ambassador for peace and was named the best athlete of the 20th century. The HBO original film Muhammad Ali’s Greatest Fight highlights his toughest match against the United States government from the point of view of the Supreme Court Justices and their clerks. It chronicles the politics, racism and hubris surrounding the Vietnam War and how Ali’s refusal to fight challenged our rights as citizens. Veteran director Stephen Frears (High Fidelity, The Queen) allows the actors and script to carry the story as it plays out like 12 Angry Men only with nine Supreme Court Justices instead of twelve jurors. Featuring good performances from it’s cast including Christopher Plummer, Frank Langella and Benjamin Walker, the main reason to watch this movie now is the way it showcases Muhammad Ali’s cultural impact on the world with real footage of the outspoken champ. 

Muhammad Ali’s Greatest Fight is currently available to stream on HBO GO and click on the video below to see HBO Sports tribute to Muhammad Ali that eloquently captures his larger than life persona and accomplishments. 

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