Home Alone (1990)


by Jason Koenigsberg

I know this is more of a Christmas movie than a Thanksgiving film but at the end of every Macy’s Thanksgiving parade we see Santa Claus and it is the symbol of the official start of the Holiday Season. So why not get a jump start on the holidays by watching Home Alone, one of the funniest modern classics that the whole family can enjoy while simultaneously keeping with the spirit of celebrating Chicago after the Cubs 2016 World Series Championship. With the country still reeling and divided from the presidential election this is the ideal type of film that people from all over the country and every age and race demographic can enjoy. Home Alone has earned its place as an evergreen during the holiday season by not only being a huge hit during its initial release but has found replay value on cable rotations around this time of year for the past quarter century. Home Alone catapulted Macaulay Culkin to stardom making him the biggest child star of the 1990’s. It made Chris Columbus a director to be reckoned with and is partially responsible for Joe Pesci winning the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor in Goodfellas which was released the same year. So if you are with your family this weekend and are tired of watching football all day, crow bars up and enjoy Home Alone, a film guaranteed to make households in every part of the country smile. 

Home Alone is currently available to stream on HBO Go.


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