by Jason Koenigsberg

One of the best and most underrated movies of last year was the brutal and powerful thriller Sicario. A story of an idealistic FBI agent enlisted to take down the leader of a massive drug cartel in Mexico. Directed by Denis Villeneuve who’s current film Arrival is a critical and box office hit, Sicario is vastly superior and was criminally overlooked by many critics and awards shows from last year. It features outstanding performances from its leads Emily Blunt, Josh Brolin and Benicio Del Toro all dealing with the futility of the US government’s war on drugs and how personal vendettas can destroy the entire operation. Everyone in this film gets their hands dirty. Sicario is a gritty thriller with great acting, taut direction and glorious cinematography from Roger Deakins. If you did not see it in theaters check it out now. 

Sicario is currently streaming on Hulu Plus.

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