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Pan and Slam Awards 2006

Best Picture:          Children of Men          The Departed*          The Descent          The Fountain          Pan’s Labyrinth   Best Director:          Darren Aronofsky-The Fountain          Alfonso Cuaron-Children of Men          Guillermo Del Toro- Pan’s Labyrinth*          Clint Eastwood-Letters from Iwo Jima          Martin Scorsese-The Departed   Best Actor:          Leonardo DiCaprio-The Departed          Vin Diesel-Find Me Guilty          Hugh […]

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Pan and Slam Awards 2005

  Best Picture:          Batman Begins          Crash          Good Night and Good Luck          A History of Violence          Munich*   Best Director:          George Clooney-Good Night and Good Luck          David Cronenberg-A History of Violence          Christopher Nolan-Batman Begins          Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller-Sin City          Steven Spielberg-Munich*   Best Actor:          Christian Bale-Batman Begins          Eric […]

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Pan and Slam Awards 2004

  Best Picture:          Closer          Garden State*          Hotel Rwanda          Million Dollar Baby          Sideways   Best Director:          Zach Braff-Garden State          Clint Eastwood-Million Dollar Baby          Terry George-Hotel Rwanda*          Mike Leigh-Vera Drake          Martin Scorsese-The Aviator   Best Actor:          Jim Carrey-Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind          Don Cheadle-Hotel Rwanda*          Leonardo DiCaprio-The Aviator […]

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Pan and Slam Awards 2003

Best Picture:          In America          The Last Samurai          The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King          Mystic River*          21 Grams   Best Director:          Clint Eastwood-Mystic River*          Christopher Guest-A Mighty Wind          Peter Jackson-The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King          Jim Sheridan-In America          Edward Zwick-The Last Samurai   […]

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Pan and Slam Movie Awards 2002

  Best Picture:          Bowling for Columbine          Gangs of New York*          Minority Report          The Pianist          25th Hour   Best Director:          Paul Thomas Anderson-Punch Drunk Love          Michael Moore-Bowling for Columbine          Roman Polanski-The Pianist          Martin Scorsese-Gangs of New York*          Steven Spielberg-Minority Report   Best Actor:          Adrien Brody-The Pianist          Tom Cruise-Minority Report […]

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Pan and Slam Awards 2001

Best Picture: In the Bedroom Memento Mulholland Drive* Ocean’s Eleven The Royal Tenenbaums Best Director: Wes Anderson-The Royal Tenenbaums David Lynch-Mulholland Drive* Christopher Nolan-Memento Ridley Scott-Black Hawk Down Steven Spielberg-A.I. Artificial Intelligence Best Actor: Gene Hackman-The Royal Tenenbaums* Guy Pearce-Memento Billy Bob Thornton-Monster’s Ball Denzel Washington-Training Day Tom Wilkinson-In the Bedroom Best Actress: Halle Berry-Monster’s Ball Laura Elena Harring-Mulholland Drive […]

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Pan and Slam Movie Awards 2K

Best Picture:          Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon                                                     Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai               High Fidelity*                                                                      Nurse Betty                                                          Traffic                                                                  Best Director:          Cameron Crowe  Almost Famous          Stephen Frears  High Fidelity*          Jim Jarmusch  Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai          Philip Kaufman  Quills […]

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Pan and Slam Awards 1999:

Best Picture:          American Beauty          Being John Malkovich*          Magnolia          Man on the Moon          Three Kings            Best Director:          Paul Thomas Anderson  Magnolia*          Frank Darabont  The Green Mile          Spike Jonze  Being John Malkovich          Sam Mendes  American Beauty          Anthony Minghella  The Talented Mr. Ripley   Best Actor:          Nicholas Cage  Bringing Out […]

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Pan and Slam Awards 1998

Best Picture:          Bulworth          A Civil Action          Life is Beautiful          Saving Private Ryan*          The Truman Show Best Director:          Warren Beatty  Bulworth          Roberto Benigni  Life is Beautiful          Spike Lee  He Got Game          Steven Spielberg  Saving Private Ryan*          Peter Weir  The Truman Show  Best Actor:          Warren Beatty  Bulworth*          Jim Carrey  The […]

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Pan and Slam Awards 1997

Best Picture:          Con Air          Face/Off          Good Will Hunting*          In & Out          L.A. Confidential   Best Director:          Woody Allen-Deconstructing Harry          Curtis Hanson-L.A. Confidential          Gus Van Sant-Good Will Hunting*          Paul Verhoeven-Starship Troopers          John Woo-Face/Off Best Actor:          Nicolas Cage-Con Air          Matt Damon-Good Will Hunting*          Djimon Hounsou-Amistad          Kevin Kline-In & […]

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Pan and Slam Movie Awards 1996

  Best Picture:          Fargo          Independence Day          The People vs. Larry Flynt          The Rock*          Star Trek: First Contact   Best Director:          Michael Bay-The Rock*          Joel Coen-Fargo          Cameron Crowe-Jerry Maguire          Milos Forman-The People vs. Larry Flynt          Barry Levinson-Sleepers Best Actor:          Sean Connery-The Rock          Tom Cruise-Jerry Maguire          […]

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Best Movie Themes of All Time:

Best Movie Themes: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly Star Wars James Bond Indiana Jones Superman Rocky Back to the Future The Fugitive North by Northwest Terminator 2 Conan The Barbarian/Total Recall Lord of the Rings Star Trek Beverly Hills Cop Predator Batman (1989) The Dark Knight Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves Highlander Jurassic Park