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The 10 Best Screenplays of All Time

The most influential scripts ever put on film in my humble opinion. These are films where everything worked out perfectly in the right place with great acting, directing, editing and everything else. Yet all of these films have some of the most influential dialogue and narrative structures ever put on celluloid. It was hard to narrow down the best scripts […]

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Top 10 Best Movie Endings

This is encapsulates my personal favorite movie endings, they are ranked by the ending not by the film. Each of these endings are ones that left a huge impact on me and my impression of the film. 10. Unforgiven Probably the best ending in any western and that is saying a lot considering High Noon and Shane. For almost two hours we hear […]

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The Biggest Disappointments: 300

300… was more disappointing than finding out you have 300 days to live Many people consider their greatest motion picture disappointment of their lives to be Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace. I however reserve my greatest theater going movie disappointment to be for a film that I foolishly hyped up for myself, not one that the media […]

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Pan and Slam Awards 2013

Best Picture:             Before Midnight             Her             Inside Llewyn Davis             Pacific Rim             12 Years a Slave*   Best Director:             Woody Allen-Blue Jasmine             Guillermo Del Toro-Pacific Rim             Spike Jonze-Her             Richard Linklater-Before Midnight*             Alexander Payne-Nebraska             Best Actor:             Chiwetel Ejiofor-12 Years a Slave           […]